Broadcom Leads Chip-News Parade


Broadcom Corp. is introducing a new, low-cost, all-in-one silicon tuner,
built for use across cable modems, set-top and digital-video-recorder

The Broadcom "BCM3405" chip can support up to five radio-frequency signals,
which would allow consumers to record programs from two different sources while
watching a third channel and even sending a fourth signal to an attached storage
device using the out-of-band tuner.

Broadcom is also introducing the "BCM3418 CMOS" silicon tuner, which supports
NTSC/PAL (National Television Systems Committee/Phase Alternation Line) and
quadrature-amplitude signals.

And Microtune Inc. said Samsung Electronics America Inc. will use Microtune's
"MT2111" in its QAM/VSB (quadrature amplitude modulation/vestigial sideband)
tuner demodulator inside TVs and set-tops.