Broadcom, Philips Team Up on Tuner


Broadcom Corp. and Philips Semiconductor will team up to create a next-generation silicon-tuner solution for cable modems, the companies said Tuesday.

The aim is to allow manufacturers to implement cost-effective, very low-power tuner designs in cable modems.

Philips will exclusively supply Broadcom with a new direct-conversion silicon-tuner solution specifically designed for existing cable-modem applications.

Broadcom, in turn, has implemented the tuner technology into a chip, which it will sell to customers under the product name "BCM3419."

The technology demands for cable modems are changing to reflect the growing number of uses seen by cable operators, including line-powered or battery-backed voice modems," Broadcom Communications Business Group director of cable-modem marketing Jay Kirchoff said in a prepared statement.

"Working with Philips on this next-generation tuner technology will allow our customers to support a growing number of cable-modem applications that are not possible today with dual-conversion tuners," he added.