Broadcom Trumpets Chip


Irvine, Calif.-Chip-maker Broadcom Corp. said last week that it is offering the world's first eight-port gigabit Ethernet switch-on-a-chip.

The "G-Switch" achieves a new level of switching integration that makes it cost-effective to bring gigabit connectivity to the business-office desktop computer, the company said.

Increasing the network-bandwidth capacity to the desktop will enable companies to exchange larger graphics and imaging files; to increase voice, video and data or Internet traffic; and to conduct online business meetings and transactions.

It also will improve the quality of service of voice or video transmission and other applications, such as Internet-protocol multicasting.

The eight-port "BCM5680" G-Switch enables original-equipment manufacturers for the first time to build an eight-port switch for an end-user price of less than $200 per port.