BroadJump: Were Provisioning Plus


AUSTIN, TEXAS -BroadJump Inc. said it has launched a new provisioning system that handles more than cable-modem and digital-subscriber-line installations.

The core of BroadJump's new system is the "ControlWorks Fulfillment Engine," a bundle of software that resides in the service provider's network and is designed to alleviate manual installations of advanced services that run over consumer-electronics and Internet appliances such as personal digital assistants, digital phones and set-top boxes.

BroadJump added that the system can also integrate billing support for emerging advanced applications such as videoconferencing, streaming video and gaming.

AT&T Broadband, Time Warner Cable, Road Runner and Sprint Corp. have already agreed to deploy the company's "Virtual Truck" software, an element of its more advanced engine, which provisions high-speed-data services.