Brooklyn Decker, Key & Peele Featured in VH1 Web Series - Multichannel

Brooklyn Decker, Key & Peele Featured in VH1 Web Series

‘Behind The Tweet’ Highlights Celebrity Tweets Gone Viral
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VH1 has created a digital spinoff of its long running Behind The Music series that takes a comedic look at celebrity tweets that have garnered significant social media attention.

The website’sBehind The Tweet series of short vignettes looks at the stories behind several famous and infamous tweets from such celebrities as Brooklyn Decker, Dominic Monahan, Michelle Williams, Jack Antonoff, Key & Peele and Hannibal Buress, according to network officials.

VH1 has launched six of the first 12 tweets on its site, with the second batch to be launched later this year, according to VH1. Dan Sacher & Warren Cohen serve as executive producers of Behind The Tweet.

Below are the links to the current episodes.

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