BSI Bows Anti-Churn Software Tool


Broadband Services Inc. is launching "CPEase," a new software tool designed to help cable operators combat digital churn.

The service package combines BSI’s "IT" platform business-process-support services and logistics infrastructure, providing operators lifecycle-management checkpoints, including new inventory, equipment recovery, cleaning and screening, redistribution and warranty tracking.

BSI said the new product will help operators to reduce capital spending and operational expenses by increasing recovering percentages and reducing cycle time for recovery, repair and redeployment.

"By aligning an information tool set around budget planning, asset management, box recovery, box redeployment and fulfillment, local cable management can make better real-time decisions that impact a dramatic reduction in set-top capex [capital expenditures], as well as other proven cost-reduction models," BSI cofounder and executive vice president Mike Sparkman said in a prepared statement.