Building a Bigger Cloud

Comcast’s cloud DVR deployments are part of a larger cloud strategy.

ALONG WITH CABLEVISION, Comcast has emerged as a vocal proponent of cloud DVRs. “As good as people think the DVR is, cloud DVR really uncovers how much better it could be,” Matthew Strauss, executive VP and GM of video services for Comcast Cable, says. Here’s how he explains the company’s strategy:

NTV: How far along in are you in terms of the footprint for cloud DVR deployments and where might be by end of the year?

Matthew Strauss: About 70% of our footprint has now been enabled with cloud, where we are offering both the cloud DVR and the in-home streaming across all devices. We look to get close to 100% by the end of the year.

NTV: What are some of the advantages of cloud DVRs?

MS: I would take a step back from that. What we are doing is moving more and more toward a cloud-based infrastructure to enable a whole new level of innovation.

Over the past few years it has allowed us to bring us to bring several new products to the market. [In addition to the cloud DVR], it is certainly the underpinning to our X1 platform, which has a cloud-based guide and gives us the ability to offer a much richer user experience.

The other product that we have introduced from the cloud is this notion of transforming other devices in your home into a TV. It means that your computer or your phone or tablet can access not just some of the linear networks or some of the on demand content. They have access to everything.

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