Burke: Doing Advanced Advertising Isn’t Easy

NBCU CEO skeptical about virtual MVPDs, not too concerned about NFL ratings

With AT&T and Time Warner proposing to combine to create a company that looks a lot like Comcast, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke warned that the new company’s goal to build advanced advertising capabilities won’t be easy.

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During Comcast’s earnings call with analysts Wednesday morning (Oct. 26), Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said his executives would decline to comment on the AT&T-Time Warner transaction.

But in answering questions, they said that advanced advertising was hard, that they were skeptical of virtual and over-the-top multichannel video programming distributors, and that declining NFL ratings aren’t causing too much concern.

“Advanced advertising has been around; people have been talking about it for a long time,”  Burke said in response to a question. "It’s not easy. It’s hard to develop these products.

“But it’s clear what advertisers want," he added. "They want to combine the data intensity of Internet advertising with the clear value and ability to change people’s perceptions that you get with a television ad. So it’s a pretty important part of [our] agenda, and I think we’re at the head of the pack in terms of delivering on it, but there’s still work to do.”

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