The Bus Stops Here


WASHINGTON — C-SPAN is celebrating 20 years of connecting the public affairs channel with the cable industry that supports it via the C-SPAN Bus.

The goals of the bus, which took to the road Nov. 1, 1993, were many. In fact, the buses were many. Today’s C-SPAN bus is the descendant of a series of mobile education platforms, the C-SPAN School Bus, Book TV Bus, Campaign 2008 and 2012 Buses, Civics Bus, and Digital Bus.

The goals were to educate the public, promote C-SPAN, and deliver the message that fueling that bus and the channel were local cable systems around the country. “[O]ur message is to credit local cable operators for providing the C-SPAN networks as a public service,” C-SPAN vice president Peter Kiley said.

Added Rob Stoddard, senior vice president, communications and public affairs at the National Cable & Telecommunications Association: “It’s touched tens of thousands of students, teachers, public officials, and Americans from all walks of life, right where they live.”