Bush Offers Support for FCC's Powell


President Bush Monday offered his support for new broadcast-ownership rules
adopted in June by the Federal Communications Commission under chairman Michael

"I support what Michael Powell did. He took a long, deliberative process.
Michael's the chairman of the FCC. He took a long, deliberative look and a
lengthy process about what was fair and not fair, and we supported his actions,"
Bush said in an exclusive interview with Brit Hume of Fox News Channel.

Bush appointed Powell chairman on his first working day in the Oval Office.
But the son of secretary of state Colin Powell ignited a controversy when he
pushed through rules that allow ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox to own more stations and
removed restraints on cross-ownership of TV, radio and newspaper properties in
the same market.

Although the White House has threaten to veto legislation amending the FCC
rules, Bush indicated interest in a compromise with Capitol Hill. "There's
always a chance before Congress finally acts," he added.

Last week, the Senate adopted a resolution that would void the new FCC rules.
The House has passed a bill that included a provision that would ban the FCC,
for one year, from changing the national broadcast-ownership cap from 35% of
homes reached to 45%.