Bush Praises Lifetime Campaign


President George W. Bush recognized Lifetime Television's award-winning public-advocacy campaign, "Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Violence Against Women," at a White House ceremony for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month Wednesday.

Bush also announced the "Stop Family Violence" fund-raising postal stamp, a project on which Lifetime is working with the United States Postal Service. The network will create and air a television spot encouraging people to purchase the stamp, which will help to support the cause of ending violence against women. Lifetimetv.com (http://www.lifetimetv.com/
) will feature online content about the new stamp with links to usps.com (http://www.usps.com/

"Lifetime Television is promoting domestic-violence awareness in its programming and public-service campaigns, and we thank you for that," Bush said. "Part of making sure that we help save lives is to educate people."

At the ceremony, attended by Lifetime president Carole Black, Bush also highlighted two other programs.

The first: a $20 million commitment in 2004 to help communities create family-justice centers, where victims of domestic violence can find all of the services they need in one central location.

Additionally, $5 million will be earmarked for "Safe and Bright Futures for Children," which will provide funding to community and faith-based groups to help children escape the cycle of violence.