Busy October for MTV


Most of the new fall-series action on MTV: Music Television will be in
October, when three new Sunday-night shows premiere.

All three will debut as a 90-minute block Oct. 26, the network announced
Tuesday afternoon.

Kicking the block off will be Viva La Bam, a reality show featuring
Bam Margera, skateboarder and former Jackass regular.

Two other participants of that former controversial MTV program, Steve-O and
Chris Pontius, will headline Wild Boyz, where the twosome travel to
exotic locations and attempt to embrace the natives and animals of their

No one from Jackass is involved with One Bad Trip, the block's
wrap-up half-hour. The participants here are party animals willing to document
themselves in an MTV show, but they don't know that there's a surprise twist of
fate awaiting them.

The block will run from 9:30 p.m.-11 p.m. EST, preceded by second-season
episodes of Punk'd, starring Ashton Kutcher.

"This is definitely not your parents' Sunday-night lineup," MTV executive
vice president of series John Miller said in a prepared statement.

Also new to MTV's fall lineup is Rich Girls, which tracks two
18-year-old New York City girls on the wealth track; High School Stories:
Scandals, Pranks and Controversies
, a look at local school happenings from
MTV News; and Boiling Points, a hidden-camera game