Busy Preseason for NFL Network


NFL Network said Tuesday that it will air 54 National Football League preseason games in 25 days.

The network will also air No Huddle, a studio show that will update NFL preseason games taking place simultaneously. Two special No Huddle shows will air Saturday, Aug. 14 at 7:30 p.m. (EST) and Friday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m.

The network’s game schedule (all times EST):

• Friday, Aug. 13: Chicago at St. Louis, 1 p.m.; Kansas City at New York Giants (live), 8 p.m.; New York Jets at New Orleans, midnight.

• Saturday, Aug. 14: Philadelphia at New England, noon; Indianapolis at San Diego (live), 10 p.m.

• Sunday, Aug. 15: Arizona at Minnesota, 10 a.m.; Carolina at Washington, 1 p.m.; Cincinnati at Tampa Bay, 4 p.m.; Denver at Buffalo (live), 7 p.m.; Jacksonville at Miami, 11 p.m.

• Monday, Aug. 16: Dallas at Houston, 1 p.m.; Oakland at San Francisco, 4 p.m.

• Tuesday, Aug. 17: Pittsburgh at Detroit, noon; Cleveland at Tennessee, 3 p.m.

• Saturday, Aug. 21: Minnesota at Atlanta, 1 p.m.; Detroit at Cleveland (live), 4:30 p.m.; Denver at Seattle, 11 p.m.

• Sunday, Aug. 22: Tennessee at Buffalo, 7 a.m.; Tampa Bay at Jacksonville, 10 a.m.; Washington at Miami, 3 p.m.; New England at Cincinnati, 9 p.m.

• Monday, Aug. 23: San Diego at Arizona, 10 a.m.; Houston at Pittsburgh, 1 p.m.; Dallas at Oakland, 4 p.m.

• Tuesday, Aug. 24: New Orleans at Green Bay, noon; San Francisco at Chicago, 3 p.m.

• Saturday, Aug. 28: New York Giants at New York Jets, 11 a.m.; San Francisco at Minnesota, 2 p.m.; Green Bay at Jacksonville, 5 p.m.; Oakland at Arizona, 11 p.m.

• Sunday, Aug. 29: New Orleans at Chicago, 9 a.m.; Seattle at San Diego, noon; Cincinnati at Atlanta, 3 p.m.; Buffalo at Indianapolis, 9 p.m.

• Monday, Aug. 30: Houston at Denver, 9 a.m.; Detroit at Baltimore, noon.

• Tuesday, Aug. 31: Cleveland at Kansas City, noon; Miami at Tampa Bay, 3 p.m.

• Thursday, Sept. 2: Jacksonville at New England (live), 6:30 p.m.; St. Louis at Oakland (live), 10 p.m.

• Friday, Sept. 3: Baltimore at New York Giants, noon; Kansas City at Dallas, 3 p.m.; San Diego at San Francisco, midnight.

• Saturday, Sept. 4: Buffalo at Detroit, 11 a.m.; Minnesota at Seattle, 7 p.m.; Carolina at Pittsburgh, 10 p.m.; Philadelphia at New York Jets, midnight.

• Sunday, Sept. 5: Tampa Bay at Houston, 10 a.m.; Indianapolis at Cincinnati, 1 p.m.; Green Bay at Tennessee, 4 p.m.; Chicago at Cleveland, 11 p.m.

• Monday, Sept. 6: Arizona at Denver, 9 a.m.; Atlanta at Washington, 1 p.m.; Miami at New Orleans, 4 p.m.