While Fox may be the overwhelming choice of Republicans, one Democratic presidential candidate is urging viewers to tune into the cable news network and again explaining why he chose to appear on the network. 

That is because Fox, which is the top-rated cable news net, will again be hosting a town hall Sunday (Jan. 26) with Pete Buttigieg in Des Moines, Iowa.

In emails to supporters with the subject line, "Why I'm going on Fox News," Buttigieg's campaign has been explaining why he is appearing on a network Democrats often dismiss as catering to Republicans. It will be the second Buttigieg appearance on a Fox-hosted event after a May town hall on the network and the second time the campaign felt the need to explain that appearance to reporters. 

Of that event back in May, Buttigieg said Democrats needed to move beyond the "echo chamber" of people who already agree with them.  

Buttigieg's first appearance came May 19, in the wake of presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren's decision to decline, very publicly and stingingly, Fox's invitation to appear on its air for a town hall. 

"We can’t play it safe. We can’t afford to write off voters," the new email reads. "Pete broke through with his CNN town hall last March, and even had Donald Trump attacking him after his Fox News town hall dominated the national conversation." 

The President turned critical of his favorite network after Fox gave Buttigieg the platform to talk with Fox viewers about his campaign and issues.  

"This is one of our last chances to communicate directly with the American people. I need you to watch the town hall, tell your friends, family, and neighbors about it," said Lis Smith, Buttigieg's high-profile campaign operative whose name was attached to the email.