to Sell Vonage VoIP


Vonage Holdings Corp.’s voice-over-Internet-protocol service is now available via (, the two companies said Tuesday.

High-speed-data customers with standard telephones can sign up for Vonage's service by purchasing one of two starter kits from, both featuring Linksys devices. Either device will allow customers to make unlimited calls in the United States and Canada for $24.99 per month.

Consumers can also purchase Vonage's $14.99 “Residential Basic 500 Plan,” as well as its two small-business plans, both of which offer free dedicated fax lines.

"'s marketing of Vonage's service is evidence of the transformation of the telecommunications industry and the need to make broadband telephony more readily available to the general consumer market," Vonage director of new-business development for the retail-sales channel Daniel Elwell said in a prepared statement.