Buzztime: Fly the Interactive Skies


Buzztime Entertainment Inc. wants to send more of its interactive games skyward.

The NTN Communications Inc. subsidiary is expected to announce Tuesday that it is teaming up with DTI Software to help push its trivia channel onto entertainment consoles on airplanes.

The partnership will be officially announced at the World Airline Entertainment Association Conference in Seattle

Through the licensing agreement, Buzztime officials said, several of its popular trivia-game channels will be available for multiplayer competition during flights, beginning next year. DTI counts 47 airline clients.

Currently, Buzztime trivia product is licensed by America West Airlines Inc.

“Buzztime has become a recognized brand because it is a great way to stay entertained. DTI Software, through its distribution partners in this in-flight-entertainment industry, will help to make our brand even more popular,” Buzztime president and chief operating officer Tyrone Lam said in a prepared statement.

“DTI’s decision to work with us communicates to cable and satellite operators the widespread appeal and high value of our product, and it should help to grow our distribution in-home and on the NTN iTV Network,” Lam added.