C-COR’s Alopa Buy Adds Key Software


C-COR.net Corp. added a significant software platform to its hardware lineup last week, committing $15 million to buy Alopa Networks for its activation-software product line.

The deal, expected to be completed by year-end, also includes the assumption of certain liabilities.

The purchase helps C-COR.net fulfill one of its stated goals: to provide back-office software solutions for cable networks, said David Woodle, chairman and CEO.

“This is another step to be able to offer customers a full OSS product line,” he said.

Alopa’s MetaServ software platform automates the provisioning data and phone services, and integrates billing, order entry, customer care and network management. It also provides secure provisioning for PacketCable and CableHome applications.

“We want to provide a full suite of offerings for the software back office,” Woodle continued. That includes customer management, content, the network and infrastructure, and the system’s work force, he said — all with a consistent view toward providing intelligent back-office operations.

“This fits exactly into our strategic plan,” he said.

C-COR.net has also moved into the optical packet-transport arena, Woodle said.

“We want to support the network that is digital and services that are demand oriented,” he said, namely video, data and voice-over-Internet protocol applications.

“VoIP is key because it’s an emerging application,” he said.

C-COR.net said the Alopa platform will become part of its broadband management solutions division. The vendor said it expects Alopa to add $7 million in net sales next year.