C-COR.net, Pinnacor Find Cable Customers


Midcontinent Communications has deployed C-COR.net Corp.'s "Mobile Workforce
Manager" in its network covering North and South Dakota, Nebraska and

The system gives field technicians a direct communications link with their
central-operations center, along with access to automated routing, dispatch and
work-flow tools Approximately 210 field-service technicians are using the

C-COR.net is also supplying all of the data-center infrastructure, hardware
and systems management for the system.

"The implementation of C-COR's Mobile Workforce Manager was one of the best
software deployments we have experienced, and the system is meeting our
cost-benefit expectations," Midcontinent vice president of technology Dick Busch

Elsewhere, Cox Communications Inc. is deploying Pinnacor Inc.'s
subscriber-oriented information Web portal.

Pinnacor is supplying the news, weather and stock information for Cox's
high-speed Internet regional start pages. Outsourcing the content allowed the
MSO to save in development and maintenance costs.