C-SPAN To Blanket Debates

Says It Will Cover Over 100 in Run-up to Crucial Mid-terms

C-SPAN, the cable industry-funded public affairs net, said Wednesday it would be covering more than 100 debates — House, Senate and gubernatorial — in the midterm elections.

That debate season launches Sept. 3 with a North Carolina Senate debate on C-SPAN, C-SPAN Radio and C-SPAN.org. Some pundits are now saying the Senate is up for graps, which means the Republicans could control both House and Senate.

RealClearPolitics currently has the Senate battle lines drawn at 45 Democratic seats, 46 Republican, and nine up from grabs.

Most of the video from those debates will be available on demand at C-SPAN's campaign 2014 Web page.

This year, viewers will get to join in the political debate. Twitter (@cspan) and Facebook (Facebook.com/cspan) followers will get debate schedules and video clips  and can participate in online policy discussions of campaign issues. They can also vote for who they thought won debates, as well as viewer call-in reaction for selected debates.