C-SPAN Bus on the Road Again


C-SPAN’s converted school bus kicked off its Road to the White House tour with a visit to the home of next January’s Iowa caucuses, where the Campaign 2008 Bus’ visitors included Mediacom Communications chairman and CEO Rocco Commisso.

As Commisso was in Des Moines to meet with state legislators, seeking help with Mediacom’s retransmission-consent dispute with Sinclair Broadcasting, spending time with C-SPAN seemed to be a welcome distraction. “I think we were the good news,” network marketing manager Steve Roth said.

C-SPAN did a live remote from the bus at the capital and a live radio show from Iowa State University, among other local events, Roth added.

Later stops this past week were in Springfield, Ill., for affiliate events with Insight Communications; in St. Louis with Charter Communications; and in Nashville, Tenn. (Comcast). There will also be a Presidents Day (Feb. 19) stop in Time Warner Cable mainstay Raleigh, N.C., Roth said.

He added that the campaign vehicle -- one of two buses the network bought 11 years ago (the other one now supports Book TV) -- will be on the road for 45 weeks this year. It’s sporting a new exterior, applied at its home base of Columbus, Ohio, and poised to roll through the events leading up to this historic election despite 320,000 or so miles on the odometer.

C-SPAN’s signature show, Road to the White House, turns 20 this year.