C-SPAN Delivers Presidential Election VOD With Avail-TVN


C-SPAN has launched a video-on-demand service to feature the highlights -- and perhaps the lowlights -- of the 2012 presidential election, available to nearly 50 million cable households in partnership with digital-video services provider Avail-TVN.

The free C-SPAN Campaign 2012 on-demand service, which launched Aug. 20, will include coverage from this week's Republican National Convention as well as the Democrats' convention next month. It also will host key campaign speeches from President Obama and Mitt Romney, and replays of the presidential and vice presidential debates.

"We have delivered every minute of every political convention since 1984 on C-SPAN and the cable industry continues to enhance their support of our public service mission, utilizing their best technologies by providing access to our Campaign 2012 coverage on VOD," C-SPAN vice president Peter Kiley said in a statement. "Widespread delivery of key RNC and DNC convention speeches and the upcoming campaign debates on cable's on demand platform is a testament to the industry's commitment to serve the public interest."

C-SPAN will take advantage of Avail-TVN's quick-turnaround service to deliver and provision content to affiliates' VOD menus within hours of live broadcast. That service is aimed at providing dynamic VOD ads in the Nielsen C3 window.

C-SPAN, created by the cable TV industry and now in over 100 million TV households, is providing live, gavel-to-gavel national coverage of the 2012 Republican and Democratic presidential nominating conventions. The programmer also provides a library of archived video online via the C-SPAN Video Library.