C-SPAN Offers Foursquare Badge


C-SPAN has created a new
badge for users of Foursquare, the mobile phone app that allows users to pick
up points and badges as they explore landmarks around their home town.

Foursquare is a geolocation app that lets users share
information about where they are and what they are doing.

C-SPAN junkies can earn
the badge
either by checking into places where C-SPAN
sends cameras to cover Washington
events (National Press Club perhaps?), or at "key political sites" around
the country where (in Iowa and New
Hampshire, for example).

The launch of the site by cable's chronicler of Capitol Hill
issues comes the same week that the issue of geolocation and mobile devices has
been a big theme, including as the focus of a hearing in a Senate Commerce
Committee privacy subcommittee.