C-SPAN Revs New Bus for Cross-Country Trip

Adds interactive features for tour of state capitals

C-SPAN is revving up a new bus to showcase the public service nets various platforms and resources -- C-SPAN TV nets, C-SPAN Radio, C-SPAN.org -- and celebrate its 25th anniversary of traveling the country.

That 50-state anniversary trip launches this month on its way to every State Capitol by November 2018. (The bus gets its own boat trip to Alaska and Hawaii. "We're not just C-SPAN, we're 'Sea-SPAN,' quipped one top exec.)

On the way, C-SPAN representatives will gather visitor videos for its "Voices from the States" project.

Among the upgrades for C-SPAN Bus 2.0 are 11 interactive large-screen tablets, a smart TV and classroom area for students and teachers, an HD production studio and a D.C. themed station for selfies.

C-SPAN is a public service powered by the cable industry.