C-SPAN: Savvis a Good Host


Savvis Communications said Monday that it has reached a deal to provide “Intelligent Hosting” services for C-SPAN’s Web site (www.c-span.org).

C-SPAN said it chose Savvis’ managed-hosting services to ensure failsafe access to its site.

Savvis will also provide C-SPAN with its “Global Load Balancing” services suite, allowing it to distribute traffic evenly between data centers, thus maximizing the efficiency of the C-SPAN network while controlling costs. And C-SPAN can leverage Savvis' “Intelligent Traffic Management,” which enables it to administer load-balancing activity if it chooses to do so.

“Our goal was to increase the overall capacity and availability of our Web services, in addition to expanding disaster recovery and system-redundancy coverage, all the while controlling costs,” C-SPAN executive vice president Robert G. Kennedy said in a prepared statement.

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