C3 Launching YouTube Ads Targeting YouTube

Says DMCA must be updated to better protect artists
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The Content Creators Coalition (C3) is launching digital ads targeting what it says is Google/YouTube's failure to give artists control over their music of compensate them fairly.

C3 calls the campaign a "significant" ad buy on YouTube itself, among other sites.

The musicians comprising the group are calling on Congress to change the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's notice and takedown policies -- one of the ads is labeled "Take Down Shake Down," targeting the whack-a-mole game of takedowns followed by the content popping up elsewhere on the web.

“Google’s YouTube has shortchanged artists while earning billions of dollars of our music,” said Melvin Gibbs, c3 president, of the campaign. “Artists know YouTube can do better. So, rather than hiding behind outdated laws, YouTube and Google should work to give artists more control over our music and pay music creators fairly when our songs are played on their platform. Our ads send a message to the executives in Mountain View [Calif.] that artists are fighting back and mobilizing fans to push Congress to update the DMCA and end the legal neglect that has given Big Tech too much power over our work and society.”

C3 members include T Bone Burnett and Roseanne Cash. Burnett has called on the Copyright Office--in a sobering, bordering on disturbing, video--to pay more attention to creators' rights than the safe harbors in the Copyright Act that serve the "false prophets of the internet" and the "Google monopoly."

Google had not responded to a request for comment at press time.