CAB: 'Significant' Gains by 10 Categories


The Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau announced Monday -- the day before its
annual Cable Advertising Conference in New York -- that 10 key advertising
categories have "significantly" increased their ad spending on cable networks
over the past five years.

The CAB compared basic-cable spending for November 2002 and November 1998,
compiled by Competitive Media Reporting, now known as the CMR/TNS Media
Intelligence division of Taylor Sofres Nelson.

Public transportation/hotels/resorts posted the heftiest percentage gain in
that span, the CAB said, jumping 151 percent to $40.7 million during last

The categories rounding out the top five, as ranked by percentage growth, the
CAB reported, were: audio and video equipment/supplies, climbing 118 percent to
$39.4 million; retail, up 84 percent to $57.1 million;
computers/software/Internet, up 66 percent to $47.8 million; and financial, up
52 percent to $74.3 million.

The next five ad categories in the CMR tabulation, according to the CAB,
were: medicines/proprietary remedies, up 40 percent to $52.9 million;
media/advertising, up 39 percent to $46.4 million; automotive and accessories,
up 38 percent to $101.4 million; games/toys/hobbycraft, up 37 percent to $99.8
million; and telecommunications, up 23 percent to $54.1