Cable Center Turnout Thrills O'Brien


The Cable Center president and CEO Jim O'Brien said he's 'very, very pleased'
with the roughly 500 attendees at Tuesday night's Hall of Fame dinner at the
Western Show in Anaheim, Calif.

'We had a full house,' he added.

The event honored this year's inductees into the center's hall of fame. Each
received a sculpture of the letter 'C' on a stand, he said.

Presenters introduced winners, and the audience saw three-minute videos on
the accomplishments of each, then each spoke. Cable veteran Ted Turner gave a
presentation, he added.

'It was very poignant,' O'Brien said of the awards ceremony.

Wednesday, The Cable Center will film Turner's oral and video history in
front of a lunch crowd at the show. The center chose an interviewer to ask
questions for the 60-minute taping, and no questions will be taken from the
audience, O'Brien said.

The filming is part of The Cable Center's oral-history program, which, so
far, has more than 75 cable veterans documented via video and audio, he

Normally, the interviews are done one-on-one, but O'Brien added that this one
will be more colorful, 'knowing Ted.'

Turner hasn't indicated what he might say, but O'Brien said the interviewer
has targeted questions about Turner's work and contributions to the industry,
including how he developed Cable News Network. 'It can go from fly-fishing to
who knows where,' he said.

The center chose the Western Show for the interview because Turner was going
to be there for the Hall of Fame dinner anyway. 'It was an efficient use of his
time,' O'Brien said.