Cable Cos. Make PPI List of Investment 'Heroes'

Institute Deems Them Bright Spots in Gloomy Investment Picture

Comcast, Time Warner Cable and CenturyLink made the Progressive Policy Institute's list of top nonfinancial company "investment heroes for 2013, which ranks companies from the Forbes 150 by capital expenditures on additional plant, property, and equipment over the past fiscal year.

PPI called those companies bright spots in a gloomy picture, "companies that continue to place big bets on America's future, creating jobs and raising productivity in the process."

Comcast leads the cable ops at $5.714 billion, while Time Warner Cable was next at $3.095 billion/ CenturyLink was third at $2.919 billion.

"Telecommunications and cable companies are a major driver of U.S. investment today, sparking the rise of what we call 'the data-driven economy,' said the Institute. AT&T and Verizon were number one and two on the list. "[I]t is essential to have policies that facilitate continued investment in cable and telecommunications, technology, and energy, while simultaneously encouraging more investment from other sectors," said PPI.

The Ttlecom and cable sector was number two, with a total $50.1 billion among the companies on the top 25, just behind energy at $56.1 billion; technology was third at $14.4 billion.