Cable Drives 55 for July


Cable controlled a 55 primetime share in July, compared with a 36 share for
broadcast, up from a 53-37 split last July, according to a Lifetime Research

The broadcasters had stayed some of cable’s usual ratings growth in June due
to an array of new reality shows. By the end of that month, the broadcasters had
garnered a 39 share of the audience, compared with a 54 share for cable.

Lifetime senior vice president of research Tim Brooks said the onslaught of
so many reality shows eventually exhausted the viewing audience, which
eventually began tuning more into cable fare throughout July.

"The broadcasters started out June with all of those reality shows and a lot
of marketing and promotion behind recapturing the summer and started off well,"
Brooks said. "They started gaining in June compared to a year ago but fell off
in July. That’s the danger of going down this road of so many look-alike reality
shows, and it’s beginning to show up in the numbers."