Cable EEO Forms Due Sept. 30

FCC Also Releases List of Operators That Must Supply Additional Info

The FCC in a July 31 public notice reminds cable operators and other MVPDs that they have until Sept. 30 to file their EEO annual reports on compliance with the FCC's MVPD Equal Employment Opportunity Rule.

MVPDs are required to affirm that they have conducted outreach, hired and promoted in an nondiscriminatory manner, seek out "entrepreneurs," and conduct "a continuing program to exclude every form of prejudice or discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin, age, or sex from your personnel policies and practices and working conditions?

It also released the list of the latest rotation of MVPD's selected to fill out supplemental investigation sheets (SIS) seeking more detailed answers on EEO efforts--identifying recruitment sources by name, describing how entrepreneurs are encouraged to do business with the company. MVPD's must fill out an SIS every five years.