Cable Industry Teaches Parents, Kids to Surf Safely

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Cable operators and programmers are teaming up to educate parents and kids on how to safely navigate the Internet.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association unveiled a new Web site Wednesday, which contains information on everything from “cyberbullying” to tips on adhering to piracy and copyright laws.

The NCTA is teaming up with Cable in the Classroom on the project.

Cable operators and networks haven’t yet committed to running public-service announcements about the PointSmartClickSafe project, but organizers expect to distribute PSAs to NCTA member companies later this year, NCTA vice president of communications Brian Dietz said.

Cable operators such as Cablevision Systems and Comcast and programming networks are also expected to add links from their consumer Web sites to, Dietz said.

The Web site contains information on plagiarism, tips on protecting computers from hackers and “Netiquette” tips such as, “Don’t post images of yourself or make online comments you wouldn’t want mom or dad to see.”

The NCTA detailed plans for the Internet safety project Wednesday at a press briefing in Washington, D.C., which featured A&E Television Networks CEO Abbe Raven, Cablevision chief operating officer Tom Rutledge and CIC executive director Helen Soulé.