Cable Nets Snag Some News Emmys


Cable networks received a share of news and documentary Emmy Awards for 2001
Tuesday night, but very little for their coverage of the Sept. 11 terrorist
attacks and their aftermath.

Cable News Network topped the cable-network take with four awards, all for
episodes of CNN Presents, its weekly documentary series.

Unholy War, one CNN Presents segment, was cited for outstanding
long-form coverage of a continuing news story, while Beneath the Veil was
a co-winner for outstanding long-form investigative journalism. Both programs
featured reporter Saira Shah covering developments in Afghanistan and
surrounding countries prior to Sept. 11.

Struggle for Islam, a Presents contribution from Christiane
Amanpour, tied with CBS Evening News segments for best story in a
regularly scheduled newscast.

Director Dollan Cannell also won for Presents program Exodus from

The Learning Channel won an Emmy for outstanding background analysis of a
single current story for Inside Flight 93. TLC's documentary was tied
with PBS' Nova Bioterror and P.O.V. Promises in the category.

Cinemax cablecast the special The Carpet Slaves: Stolen Children of India
under its 'Reel Life' documentary umbrella, but parent channel Home Box
Office got the Emmy credit -- two of three news Emmys handed its way.

Carpet Slaves tied for long-form investigative journalism and won solo
for research individual achievement. America Undercover received the
third HBO Emmy for editor Patrick Gambuti Jr.'s work on Suicide.

MSNBC's National Geographic Explorer earned two Emmy trophies (the
program moved to CNBC this year), and on its own, National Geographic Channel
earned its first Emmy ever, for an Inside Base Camp production.

CNN senior correspondent Garrick Utley hosted the Emmy ceremony from New
York, with former anchorman Bernard Shaw among the presenters.