Cable Ops, Others Team On Online Safety Campaign


A group of networks, programmers, publishers and computer companies has banded together for an online education campaign in conjunction with the Ad Council.

The Ad council, which puts together creative with donated ad time and space, said Wednesday that a new Internet Safety Coalition had been formed, and that the members would be incorporating the "Beware What You Share" campaign materials into their respective platforms, including online videos, banner ads, logos, social media messaging and more.

Members include NCTA, AOL, AT&T, Comcast, Google, Verizon, Microsoft, The New York Times Company, MTV, Yahoo! and others. AT&T, Google, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Microsoft and the Wireless Foundation are funding the coalition.

"We know that targeted and consistent communications programs have the power to change attitudes and behaviors regarding a multitude of social issues," said Ad Council president Peggy Conlon. "By providing a range of organizations with research-based messages, this effort will encourage teens to be smart about what they post, which will ultimately help keep our children safer."

The Ad Council says NCTA will use the Web banners and videos on and the Cable in the Classroom site, and "notify NCTA member companies and constituents about the availability of the videos and coalition materials."

Online privacy was much in the news Wednesday with the release of Facebook's explanation of the use of user IDs by third parties and Rep. Joe Barton's (R. Texas) vow that the privacy issue would be "in the crosshairs" in the next Congress.

The Federal Trade Commission this month is expected to release a report on how to protect privacy, particularly kids' privacy, in a digital age.