Cable Pirate to Appear in Bright House Infomercials


If you can’t steal from them, speak for them.

The appropriately named Dennis Cheatem will appear in infomercials for Bright House Networks to discuss the consequences of stealing cable, spokesman Al Aldridge told AP.

What makes Cheatem such an expert on the subject? The 47-year-old Indianapolis man pled guilty Tuesday to one felony count of theft and was fined $10,000.

Authorities said Cheatem, a licensed plumber, bought a used cable-company repair van at an auction last year and posed as a Bright House employee, AP reported. While he claimed to provide cable to needy families with children, prosecutors said he pocketed the money in at least one case.

It was not clear how many homes Cheatem connected or whether he ever had worked for a cable company, although Bright House sales director Doug Murray told AP he had not worked for the company.

Cheatem was arrested in April after he approached an undercover officer with an offer of free cable.