Cable Positive Awards 14 Grants


Cable Positive, the cable and telecommunications industries' AIDS-action
organization, has awarded grants totaling $69,304 to 14 community-based and
AIDS-service organizations working with their local cable systems through the
organization's Tony Cox Community Fund.

The fund is dedicated to providing grants of up to $5,000 for nonprofit
AIDS-related organizations to collaborate with their local cable systems in the
aim of HIV/AIDS awareness, education and prevention.

"AIDS organizations and cable systems have really taken advantage of the
funding available through Cable Positive's Tony Cox Community Fund," president
and CEO Steve Villano said in a release.

"The need for HIV/AIDS-education and prevention efforts, combined with the
financial needs of AIDS organizations, has made the Tony Cox Community Fund's
mission of creating partnerships between local cable systems and AIDS-service
organizations across America even more valuable," he added.