Cable On The Radio: CTAM Backs DTV Media Push


The cable industry has planned one last PR push leading up to the June 12 digital TV transition deadline next Friday.

The Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing has lined up at least 16 radio interviews starting at 7 a.m. (ET) Monday, featuring cable spokesman Steve Effros, president of Effros Communications.

Effros said the weeklong stint will essentially be a repeat of two previous rounds of radio interviews he did for CTAM, most recently in December 2008.

"I talk about, what is the digital TV transition, why the government did this, what people have to do to be prepared for it, what the coupon program is all about," Effros said. "And I push as hard as I can on the phone numbers and Web site,"

The strategy isn't to directly promote cable as an answer for Americans who may be losing access to TV, according to Effros: "I say, yeah, I'm a cable guy -- I'm part of the effort to make sure people are prepared... In this instance, it is to the benefit of the cable industry to make sure this transition happens right."

Effros said he expects to provide interviews with radio stations in markets including New York, Boston, Baltimore, Orlando, Minneapolis and Seattle.

He added, "This is hopefully the last round. It gets very tiring talking about this."

Diana Cronan, CTAM's director of communications and media relations, said she expected to arrange additional interviews for Effros in the next few days. "The interest is pretty high," she said. "What had been a one-day media tour has spread throughout the week."

CTAM's goal with its DTV media outreach in 2008 was to generate 40 million media impressions. According to Cronan, the association ended the year with more than 100 million media impressions related to the digital TV transition.