On Cable’s Frontier


Lisa Pickelsimer, 38

Cox Communications

High-definition television, digital video recording, video on demand — these are the frontiers for cable today. And the innovators behind them blend technological expertise with business acumen — people like Lisa Pickelsimer.

“The cable industry doesn’t get enough recognition for the value we’ve delivered to consumers,” said Pickelsimer.

After earning a master’s in electrical engineering and an MBA, Pickelsimer joined Scientific Atlanta as an engineer.

Today, as Cox’s director of video product development, she leads efforts in VOD, video user interface, digital recording and mobile video.

“Participation in industry initiatives such as One-Way Cable CARD and the wireless Pivot service have introduced me to some really great people,” said Pickelsimer. “I’ve learned from and with them, as we create something that is greater than anything that I could have done alone.”