Cable’s Originals



A&E Network

The First 48: Missing Persons, new series, 6/2

The Glades, returning series , 6/5

Gene Simmons Family Jewels, returning series, 6/14

Intervention, returning series, 6/20

Hoarders, returning series, 6/20

ABC Family

Switched at Birth, new series, 6/6

Secret Life of the American Teenager, returning series, 6/6

Nine Lives of Chloe King, new series, 6/14

Pretty Little Liars, returning series, 6/14

Melissa & Joey, returning series, 6/29

State of Georgia, new series, 6/29

Adult Swim

Children's Hospital, returning series, 6/2

Mongo Wrestling Alliance, new series, 6/19

BBC America

Ministry of Laughs, new series, 6/18

The Inbetweeners, returning series, 6/18

Come Fly With Me, new series, 6/18

Outcasts, new series, 6/18


BET Awards, special, 6/26


Celebrity Ghost Stories, returning series, 6/18

Celebrity Close Calls, returning series, 6/18


Rocco's Dinner Party, new series, 6/15

Cartoon Network

Destroy Build Destroy, returning series, 6/1

Dude, What Would Happen, returning series, 6/1


2011 CMT Music Awards, special, 6/8

CMT Crossroads, returning series, 6/24

Comedy Central

Jon Benjamin Has a Van, new series, 6/15

Futurama, returning series, 6/23

Ugly Americans, returning series, 6/30

Cooking Channel

Hook Line & Dinner, new series, 6/7

Current TV

Countdown With Keith Olbermann, new series, 6/20

Vanguard, new series, 6/20

Discovery Channel

After the Catch, returning series, 6/14

Disney Channel

So Random!, new series, 6/5

A.N.T. Farm, new series, 6/17


Indoors Out, returning series, 6/14

Yard Crashers, returning series, 6/16

Disney XD

Kickin' It, new series, 6/13

Pair of Kings, returning series, 6/13


Ice Loves Coco, new series, 6/12

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, returning series, 6/12

Food Network

Food Network Star, returning series, 6/5

Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction, new series, 6/5

Lights, Camera, Cook, new series, 6/5

In The Line of Fire, new series, 6/12

Cupcake Wars, returning series, 6/14

Dueling Desserts, new series, 6/19

Extreme Chef, new series, 6/30


Louie, returning series, 6/23

Wilfred, returning series, 6/23


G4's Live E3 Expo Coverage, special, 6/6

G4's Proving Ground, new series, 6/14


She's Not Our Sister, special, 6/18

America Sings, new series, 6/22

Superfest, new series, 6/25

Hallmark Channel

A Crush on You, movie, 6/11

Rock the House, movie, 6/18


True Blood, returning series, 6/26


Get Out! S16 From Hawaii, returning series, 6/2

Jefferson Starship Live, concert special, 6/5


Ice Road Truckers, returning series, 6/5


Room Crashers, new series, 6/4

My Yard Goes Disney, new series, 6/6

House Hunters on Vacation, new series, 6/6

HGTV'd, new series, 6/6


Behind Mansion Walls, new series, 6/6

Devil You Know, new series, 6/15

Wicked Attraction, returning series, 6/30


Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, new series, 6/24

Young, Broke and Beautiful
, new series, 6/24


Drop Dead Diva, returning series, 6/19

The Protector, new series, 6/12

Last Man Standing, movie, 6/6

Nora Roberts' Carnal Innocence, movie, 6/13

Gone, movie, 6/27


RuPaul's Drag U, new series, 6/20


Teen Wolf, new series, 6/5

The Challenge: Rivals, new series, 6/22

MTV Movie Awards, special, 6/5

The Truth Below, movie, 6/16


The Dudesons, returning series, 6/10

Lil Wayne Unplugged, special, 6/12

Burnout: The Ultimate Drag Race
new series, 6/25

National Geographic Channel

Locked Up Abroad, returning series, 6/8

Flea Man, new series, 6/17


iParty With Victorious, special, 6/11


Voltron Force, new series, 6/16


The Glee Project, new series, 6/12


Sons Of Perdition, documentary, 6/2

Finding Sarah, new series, 6/12

The Dr. Laura Berman Show, new series, 6/6

Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal, new series, 6/6

Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals, new series, 6/19

Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind,
new series, 6/17

Carson Nation, new series, 6/25


The Real L Word, returning series, 6/5

The Big C, returning series, 6/17

Weeds, returning series, 6/27

Spike TV

Guys Choice Awards 2011, special, 6/10

Deadliest Warrior, returning series, 7/13


Clean House: The Messiest Home in the
special, 6/29

Sundance Channel

Love/Lust, returning series, 6/7

Ludo Bites America, new series, 7/19


Haunted Collector, new series, 6/1

Hollywood Treasure, returning series, 6/1


Are We There Yet?, returning series, 6/20


Toddlers & Tiaras, returning series, 6/15


World's Dumbest, returning series, 6/2

Operation Repo, returning series, 6/8

Hardcore Pawn, returning series, 6/21


Franklin & Bash, new series, 6/1

Men Of A Certain Age, returning series, 6/1

Hawthorne, returning series, 6/14

Memphis Beat, returning series, 6/14

Falling Skies, new series, 6/19

Leverage, returning series, 6/26


Man v. Food Nation, new series, 6/1

Sand Masters, new series, 6/1

Mancations, new series, 6/5

Paranormal Challenge, new series, 6/17

TV Guide Channel

Nail Files, new series, 6/21

TV One

Unsung, returning series, 6/6

TV Land

Happily Divorced, new series, 6/15

Hot in Cleveland, returning series, 6/15

AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring
Morgan Freeman,
special, 6/19

USA Network

Covert Affairs, returning series, 6/7

White Collar, returning series, 6/7

Suits, new series, 6/23

Burn Notice, returning series, 6/23

Necessary Roughness, new series, 6/29

Royal Pains, returning series, 6/29


Celebrity Rehab, returning series, 6/29

WE tv

Bridezillas, returning series, 6/12

Amsale Girls, new series, 6/12

Staten Island Cakes, new series, 6/21


A&E Network

Storage Wars, returning series, 7/20

Adult Swim

NTSF:SD:SUV::, new series, 7/21

The Venture Bros. Special, special, 7/24


Breaking Bad, returning series, 7/17

ABC Family

Cyberbully, movie, 7/17


Aftermath With William Shatner, returning series, to be announced

Cartoon Network

Adventure Time, returning series, TBA

Thundercats, new series, TBA

Cooking Channel

Everyday Exotic, returning series, 7/9

Bitchin' Kitchen, returning series, 7/20

Ching-He Huang Series, new series, TBA

The Perfect 3, new series, TBA

United Tastes of America, returning series, TBA


Sweent Home Alabama, new series, TBA

Texas Women, new series, TBA

Invitation Only, returning series, TBA

DirecTV's The 101

Damages, returning series, 7/13

Discovery Channel

One Man Army, new series, 7/13

Man vs. Wild, returning series, 7/11

Surviving the Cut, returning series, 7/11

Sons of Guns, returning series, 7/13


Bath Crashers, returning series, 7/4

Family Renovation, returning series, 7/10

Door Knockers, new series, 7/11

I Hate My Kitchen, returning series, 7/12

This New House, returning series, 7/13

Hollywood High-Tech, new series, 7/20

Renovation Realities, returning series, 7/30

Food Network

Restaurant: Impossible, returning series, 7/6

Tough Cookies, new series, 7/11

Heat Seekers, new series, 7/18


Rescue Me, returning series, 7/12

Hallmark Channel

Keeping Up With the Randalls, movie, 7/16

Hallmark Movie Channel

The Cabin, movie, 6/30


Curb Your Enthusiasm, returning series, 7/12

Entourage, returning series, 7/24

HD Net

The Ferris Wheel, new series, 7/28

Celebridate, new series, 7/27


Real Estate Intervention, returning series, 7/5

Secrets From a Stylist, returning series, 7/9

Sarah 101, new series, 7/11

Design Star 6, new series, 7/11

Home by Novogratz, new series, 7/16

Run My Makeover, new series, 7/20

Candice Tells All, returning series, TBA

Color Splash, returning series, TBA



I Married a Mobster, new series, 7/ 13

True Grime: Crime Scene Clean Up, new series, 7/19

Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?, returning series, 7/13

Deadly Women, returning series, 7/29


Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling
movie, 7/18


The DUB Magazine Project, new series, 7/10

Nat Geo Wild

Deadly 60, returning series, 7/11

The Lady With 700 Cats, special, 7/30

National Geographic Channel

Monster Fish, returning series, 7/8

The Indestructibles, new series, 7/10


Bad Girls Club: New Orleans, returning series, 7/11


Ask Oprah's All Stars, new series, TBA


The Franchise: A Season With the San
Francisco Giants,
new series, 7/13

The Green Room With Paul Provenza, new series, 7/14

Web Therapy, new series, 7/19


Torchwood: Miracle Day, new series, 7/8


Big Rich Texas, new series, 7/17


Alphas, new series, 7/11

Warehouse 13, returning series, 7/11

Eureka, returning series, 7/11

Ghost Hunters International, returning series, 7/11

Haven, returning series, 7/15


Rizzoli & Isles, returning series, 7/11

The Closer, returning series, 7/11


Anthonly Bourdain: No Reservations, returning series, 7/11

Truck Stop Mo, new series, 7/20


South Beach Tow, new series, TBA


A&E Network

Boar Hunters, new series, TBA

Billy The Exterminator, returning series, TBA

Beyond Scared Straight, returning series, TBA

ABC Family

Teen Spirit, movie, 8/7

The Lying Game, new series, 8/15

BBC America

Friday Night Dinner, new series, 8/6


I Survived, returning series, TBA


The Rachel Zoe Project, returning series, TBA

Mad Fashion, new series, TBA

Fashion Hunters, new series, TBA

Most Eligible: Dallas, new series, TBA

Cartoon Network

Mad, returning series, TBA

Cooking Channel

Hungry Girl, returning series, 8/6

Brunch @ Bobby's, returning series, TBA

Rachael Ray's Week In A Day, returning series, TBA

Current TV

50 Greatest Documentaries to See
Before You Die,
special, 8/1


To The Mat, original movie, TBA

CMT Made, new series, TBA

What's Your 20? 20 Greatest Men, special, TBA

Discovery Channel

Curiosity, new series, 8/7

The Rising, new series, 8/19

Auction Kings, returning series, 8/9

Disney Channel

Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension,


10 Grand In Your Hand, returning series, 8/3

Blog Cabin, returning series, 8/18

Food Channel

The Great Food Truck Race, returning series, 8/14


American Ninja Warrior, returning series, TBA


Trinity Goodheart, movie, 8/20

Whisker Wars, new series, 8/3

Hallmark Channel

Honeymoon for One, movie, 8/13

William & Catherine: A Royal
movie, 8/27


The Super, new series, 8/24

Nothin' But Sausage With Mike
new series, 8/25


Dina's Party, special, 8/15

Donna Decorates Dallas, special, 8/15

HGTV Green Home Giveaway 2011, special, 8/20

HGTV Urban Oasis 2011, special, 8/27


Big Law: Deputy Butterbean, new series, 8/9

Unusual Suspects, returning series, 8/9

I Escaped: Real Prison Breaks, returning series, 8/16


MTV Video Music Awards, special, 8/28


120 Minutes, new series, TBD

Nat Geo Wild

Animals Say the Wildest Things, returning series, 8/10

National Geographic Channel

Slammed: Inside Indie Wrestling, special, 8/24


Home Takeover With Simon & Tomas, new series, TBA

Confronting, new series, TBA

Life 2.0, new series, TBA


Tia & Tamera Take 2, new series, TBA

Sundance Channel

Quirky, new series, 8/16

Travel Channel

Scream If You Know the Answer, new series, 8/7

TV One

One Night Only: Live From the Essence
Music Festival,
special, TBA


The T.O. Show, returning series, 8/22

, new series, 8/16