Cable Show 2009: Alloptic Ferries Cable Across The PON


Optical-networking provider Alloptic is introducing software to let cable operators use their existing DOCSIS provisioning systems over a passive optical network.

The DOCSIS PON Controller software acts as a proxy between back-office systems and Alloptic's Gigabit Ethernet PON system. In effect, a PON optical line terminal appears to be a cable-modem termination system, and the PON optical network unit takes the place of the cable modem.

The result, according to Alloptic: PON performance from a DOCSIS-controlled network.

"Leveraging network operators' existing investment is vital to their success," said Alloptic vice president of marketing and business development Shane Eleniak. The Alloptic DPC helps to make "the transition to PON-based architectures possible at a pace and scale that makes sense for the service provider."

Livermore, Calif.-based Alloptic said DPC works with its other products, including the RFoG MicroNode optical network units.