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Cable Show 2009: Openet Tracks Cable Subscribers' Usage

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Openet -- after two years of "behind-the-scenes" work with two of the four biggest U.S. cable operators -- is launching software designed to let MSOs better measure consumers' TV viewing and voice and data usage.

Openet's roots are in analyzing transactional data for wireless carriers, including BT, Orange, AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

The Openet solutions for cable are built on its FusionWorks product suite, which enables real-time processing of network events and transactions. Manzo claimed the platform is highly scalable, handling 15 billion transactions per day for Verizon Wireless.

"Gaining subscriber, service usage and content viewership visibility is a vital first step for cable operators to develop new business models and improve the subscriber experience," said Openet chief marketing officer Mike Manzo.

Openet's new cable solutions comprise Audience & Engagement Measurement, Convergent Usage Measurement and Interactive Services Fulfillment.

The Audience & Engagement Measurement solution measures subscriber activities across all video services, including linear and non-linear viewing data and click-streams associated with interactive TV applications.

Interactive Services Fulfillment allows operators to collect interaction information from Enhanced Binary Interchange Format and tru2way-based applications and forward the data to a fulfillment server, in order to respond to real-time subscriber requests.

The third new solution, Convergent Usage Measurement, collects and distributes data and voice usage.

Manzo said competitors in the cable space include Concurrent's Everstream, Microsoft's Navic Networks and Cisco Systems.

Earlier this year, Openet announced two other solutions for cable operators: Fair Usage and Tiered Service Controls, which let operators manage network activities based on dynamic business rules.