Cable Show 2009: Time Warner Cable Tags Motorola For Multiroom DVR


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Time Warner Cable is developing a multiroom digital video recorder with Motorola, based on the tru2way interactive cable services specification, the companies announced Tuesday.

The "Follow Me TV" solution, which the MSO expects to launch later this year, will let subscribers access, share and place-shift video recordings throughout the home. The companies' multiroom DVR would be the first tru2way-based system with home-network extensions to be commercially deployed.

"Consumers expect more flexibility and control with today's premium TV services, and we are excited to be offering the whole-home DVR with Motorola," said Louis Williamson, Time Warner Cable senior engineering fellow said in a statement.

Because the DVR solution is based on tru2way, according to Williamson, "it is fully interoperable, providing Time Warner Cable more flexibility and choice in determining what equipment is made available in its footprint."

Time Warner Cable and other cable operators have been actively working on multiroom DVR capabilities, as both AT&T and Verizon emphasize the feature in their marketing--and the telcos point out that cable providers haven't offered it.

Motorola developed the whole-home DVR solution to work its DCX3400-M and Motorola DCX3200-M tru2way-enabled set-tops, which use the Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA) home-networking standard.

"As an open specification, tru2way enables the set-top to be a platform for new media mobility applications such as whole-home DVR," said Larry Robinson, vice president of product management with Motorola's Home and Networks Mobility business.