Cable Show 2011: BigBand Splices Video Ads For iPad, Roku, TiVo


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BigBand Networks will show a multiscreen advanced-advertising solution at next week's Cable Show, splicing ads into video served to traditional cable set-tops as well as an iPad, a Roku Internet set-top and a TiVo digital video recorder.

The vendor will demo its Advertising Splicing Blade on the Media Services Platform MSP2800 video processing system. BigBand will serve both traditional zoned ads, as well as ads targeted to specific devices.

"We are showing the platform has the ability to serve both the legacy platform and extend advertising to next-generation devices," said Jay Chambers, vice president and chief architect for cable in the office of the CTO at BigBand.

The campaigns in the demo are static, but Chambers said the MSP2800 could talk to an advertising decision management server via the SCTE-130 advanced advertising specification.

In 2011, BigBand equipment will deliver more than 1 billion ads by seven of the top MSOs in the North America.

BigBand also will team up with Clearleap to show a common user interface and common back-office across multiple devices. "So you don't have to develop something for iPad app, then something else for Roku," Chambers said.

The solution combines BigBand's vIP Pass system -- designed to offload IP video traffic from a cable modem termination system -- with Clearleap's Stream On Demand system, letting operators stream managed video content to connected TVs, Blu-ray Disc players or other devices in a subscriber's home.

Finally, BigBand is set to show the MSP 2800 40:1 QAM platform (40 QAMs in one RF port), which now adds support for IP video and DOCSIS in addition to broadcast video, switched digital video and video-on-demand.