Cable Show 2011: CableNET Features ITV, Video Everywhere


CableLabs is bringing back the CableNET exhibit for its 19th outing -- and it's bigger than ever, with more than 50 displays of the latest broadband applications and emerging cable technologies.

this year's exhibit are interactive TV demos and technologies for delivering
managed cable video services to various consumer-electronics devices, CableLabs
chief technology officer Ralph Brown said.

Cable's developments
on the CE front are a continuation of what started at the 2011 Consumer
Electronics Show, according to Brown. At CES, Comcast and Time Warner Cable struck
partnerships with Samsung Electronics to let cable subscribers more easily find
and watch content on a variety of Samsung TVs, tablets and smartphones, while Sony
announced a similar agreement with TWC under which the cable operator will deliver
its full lineup of TV programming to Sony Internet-connected Bravia televisions
sometime in 2011.

"You'll see
that evolution take various forms that I think will be very compelling," he
said. "The key is, it's standards-based stuff. You're going to see a number of
companies supporting that thread."

In the 2011
CableNET pavilion, Sony will feature live and video-on-demand content from Time
Warner Cable delivered over Internet protocol, using a custom program guide
jointly developed by the two MSOs.

Brown pointed
to Apple's introduction of the iPad last year as kicking off the multiscreen
action among cable providers.

"With the
arrival of the iPad last year and the video capabilities it has, a lot of light
bulbs started going off," Brown said. "We had been doing a lot of the
groundwork and plumbing, but now having that outlet certainly sparked a lot of

CableNET also
will contain a dedicated area for technologies that enable the managed delivery
of cable digital video services to a growing variety of consumer-electronics
devices within the cable subscriber's home, including PCs, tablets, and
connected televisions.

The CableNET
industry exhibit is co-sponsored by CableLabs and the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association. In the course of its 18-year run, CableNET has
provided the first looks at many emerging technologies and applications
including the DOCSIS cable modem platform.

Summaries of what
to look for in the CableNET exhibit, grouped by category:


Samsung will demonstrate a set-top box that
blends TV and Web content to let users browse the Web and search via QWERTY keyboard,
voice and motion detection inputs.

Sony Electronics will feature live and VOD content
from Time Warner Cable delivered over IP to an HDTV.

Synacor will demonstrate its next generation
of TV Everywhere products and services, delivering video to tablets and other mobile

Comcast's ThePlatform will demonstrate "carrier-class" IPTV
for service providers and programmers via a centrally managed video publishing

PacketVideo will show off Twonky, its line of
standards-based software and mobile applications for discovering, accessing,
streaming and viewing media across multiple devices connected to a subscriber's
home network.

Elemental Technologies will demonstrate Elemental Live, an
all-in-one live encoding solution for traditional television broadcast as well
as adaptive online streaming.


CableLabs will show an EBIF Twitter application
and a synchronized advertising demo showing how EBIF can be used to tie television
video content with second-screen ads.

EnableTV will show its DV-TIDE PC-based
platform that simulates a cable headend and supports real-time injection of
carousels for EBIF bound applications.

Zodiac Interactive will showcase the latest developments
of its PowerUp AMS technology server platform and HTML5 and social-media

Flashlight Engineering will show applications running on Tru2way
set-tops and iPad mobile devices and its developer toolkit for Tru2way
application developers.

FourthWall Media will demo a range of EBIF products,
including its EBIF Platform running on Motorola and Cisco systems and set-top

Ligos will demo its ETV Suite software
solution for EBIF.

S&T will show its TSProcessor, which
provides real-time management and monitoring of incoming ETV content as it
passes through the headend.

Related Content Database (RCDb) will demonstrate an application that
uses EBIF to synch programming on the set-top box with a companion tablet.

Trident Microsystems will demonstrate a system-on-chip
reference design for a low-cost HD digital terminal adapter running an EBIF
user agent and guide application.


NDS will demo the next iteration of its
advanced Snowflake user interface.

ThinkAnalytics will exhibit its content recommendations
and search platform providing personalization through predictive intelligence
and integrated business rules.


Civolution will demo its NexGuard video
watermarking technology showing a camcord of HD content playing on a TV set or
an iPad and retrieving the watermark information.

Verimatrix will demonstrate watermarking
technology that can mark content even if it's compressed and encrypted.

Irdeto Solutions will exhibit ActiveCloak, which lets
operators and programmers protect premium digital assets.


Harris will show its Web-based system that
enables the management and real-time execution of addressable advertising
delivery across linear and non-linear inventory.

Visible World will showcase its
addressable-advertising solution, Connect, which enables marketers to segment TV
audiences and target ads to specific households.

Nagra-Kudelski / OpenTV will showcase multiscreen advertising
opportunities through next-generation VOD and linear interfaces within the
SCTE-130 standard.


Cisco Systems will demonstrate networking
communication and collaboration technologies for health-care professionals and
small businesses, including Cisco TelePresence.

IPgallery will show a cloud-based, Web-activated
converged voice, video and data communications suite of applications for personalized
social communications.

Neustar will show its Text Everywhere SMS
solution that allows cable subscribers to send texts to and from TVs, iPads,
cell phones, e-mail, Facebook and more.


Tektronix will highlight Sentry and its
recently released capabilities of measuring and detecting video artifacts.

S3 Group will demonstrate its StormTest
automated set-top box test platform.


Dolby Laboratories will show a broadcasting solution for
full-resolution 3D to the home.


Maxxian will demonstrate CounterStryx, which
collects and analyzes data from billing, security, network and VOD components
to identify network problems, service-call issues and unauthorized usage in
set-tops and cable modems. will demo its EasySupport client that
allows one-click access to premium support via chat or phone.

TradeHarbor will feature its Voice Signature
Service, which enables trusted interactions over the telephone, the Web and on
mobile devices.


CableLabs will display an exhibit of carrier-grade
network address translation, a transition technology that helps operators
maintain Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) service while migrating to IPv6.

Aurora Networks will show components of a "fiber-deep"
network and showcase a new technology platform to enable increasing the
upstream bandwidth.

Incognito Software will feature its auto-configuration server
support for the Broadband Forum CPE WAN Management Protocol.

Sandvine will demonstrate its Network
Analytics dashboards, designed to let cable operators optimize network