Cable Show 2012: SeaChange, Avail-TVN Team On Targeted Multiscreen Ads


It's targeted advertising for "TV Everywhere": SeaChange International and Avail-TVN have cooked up a demo for next week's Cable Show showing dynamic ad insertion in broadcast and on-demand video across TVs, PCs and tablets.

The joint solution lets Avail-TVN-provisioned content to have VOD ads inserted on-the-fly from SeaChange's Infusion ad decision manager and server using the SCTE 130 specification. When the SeaChange ad decision manger sees that a video stream has a marked break, it queries Avail-TVN's National Placement Opportunity Information System (POIS) for information about stream type, ad break type and duration to then inserts the appropriate ad based on rules supplied in the POIS metadata.

"Together SeaChange and Avail-TVN have solved the business challenge to the dynamic advertising marketplace by coming at it from opposite ends and meeting in the middle with an ecosystem that allows content providers to fully monetize their content and operators to fully monetize their streams regardless of the end device," SeaChange general manager of advertising Aseem Bakshi said in a statement.

Added Avail-TVN chief revenue officer Jim Riley, "Together, SeaChange and Avail-TVN are enabling true mid-roll dynamic advertising, allowing any content provider to realize new revenue streams from VOD content."

In a separate demo, SeaChange is teaming up with Tellabs to deliver ads dynamically inserted in video delivered to an iPad, based on a subscriber's Web-browser viewing history.