Cable Show: This Technology Gets Grip on IP Video Blackouts

Supports Dynamic Ad Insertion in ‘Alternative Content’ for Linear IPTV

Washington --  This Technology has launched an upgrade of its blackout management system for linear IP video that includes the important ability to dynamically insert ads into “alternate content” that is delivered to homes during blackout events.

The enhancements, made to This Technology’s Alternate Content Delivery System (ACDS), will be a key addition as cable operators start to migrate to linear IP video services delivered to the home, the company said. The rules for linear IP video services delivered to the home mirror those that govern traditional, QAM-delivered TV services.

And those rules, of course, extend to elements such as emergency alerts and blackout provisions, which must be addressed whether linear TV is being delivered and managed to the home via QAM or IP transport streams. Alternative content comes into play if, for example, a local market is subject to a blackout rule tied to a particular sporting event.

This Technology said its system would give operators the ability to insert ads and monetize the replacement content stream – effectively doing a splice within a splice – but do so at scale for MSO-managed IPTV services.

“MVPDs [multichannel video program distributors] need to be able to duplicate functionality across their QAM and IP networks and providing alternate content delivery is a key part of that,” Dave Fellows, This Technology’s technical advisory board chair and the former chief technology officer of Comcast said, in a statement. “This Technology was an early mover in this market and has grown its innovative solutions to a place where they can scale to meet any deployment scenario.”

This Technology’s introduced blackout capabilities last year. The dynamic ad upgrade comes about seven months after the vendor scored a $7.5 million series A round of funding to help fuel deployment opportunities and enhancements to its DAI and ACDS product lines. 

“This Technology pioneered the DAI and alternate content delivery markets with innovative solutions that have served the largest MVPDs and programming networks in linear and time-shifted IP environments,” said This Technology CEO Jeff Sherwin, in a statement. “The next step in advancing alternate content delivery is the ability to dynamically insert ads within those streams and our customers can take advantage of that capability at scale today.”

Comcast, NBCUniversal, Verizon Communications and ABC are among This Technology’s announced customers.