Cable Stakes Claim on AFI List


Showtime's The Believer, Turner Network Television's Door to Door and Home Box Office movie The Gathering Storm and series Six Feet Under and The Sopranos made up one-half of the list of the American Film Institute's top TV achievements for 2002.

A jury was assembled earlier this year to pick the 10 shows whose entire creative teams make them the best on television.

Also on the list were NBC's Boomtown and The West Wing, CBS' Everybody Loves Raymond, The WB Television Network's Gilmore Girls and Fox's The Simpsons.

Designated as a "moment of significance" for the year by the jury was the ascendance of MTV: Music Television's The Osbournes, which the jury called a "happy accident, blending reality television, situation comedy and melodrama."

The jury also lauded the recently concluded Taken on Sci Fi Channel, saying that the miniseries may have "resurrected long-form story-telling."