Cable Stands Up to Bullies


Several cable
will take on the
issue of childhood
with several
movie and online
that they hope
will shine a light on the growing problem.

Time Warner Inc. and Facebook will
team up to launch a wide-ranging, major
cross-platform partnership initiative
based on Cartoon Network’s “Stop Bullying:
Speak Up” campaign. As part of the
initiative, news network CNN, in collaboration
with the social-networking website,
will develop an October town hall special
that will discuss the current bullying issues
confronting kids today, officials said.

ABC Family has teamed with Seventeen
to help the teen-targeted magazine
launch an ongoing, anti-bullying campaign
dubbed “Delete Digital Drama.” Th e
campaign, which encourages teens to end
bullying on the web, is tied to ABC Family’s
bullying-themed movie Cyberbully, which
premiered Sunday (July 17),.

As part of the campaign, ABC Family
will run on-air a public awareness announcement
through August featuring
stars from its hit shows The Secret Life of
the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars,
Switched at Birth, The Nine Lives of Chloe
and The Lying Game, encouraging its
target audience of millenials to do their
part in helping to put an end to cyberbullying
, according to network officials.

Tom Zappala, executive vice president of
program acquisitions and scheduling for
ABC Cable Networks Group, said the issue
of bullying — and specifi cally cyberbullying
— is top of mind for the network’s
target 18-34 audience.“It’s a relevant issue,
and one we felt was important to address,
and because ABC Family’s audience
is both millennials and their parents — it’s
an opportunity to reach both of them.”

MTV will also jump on the anticyberbullying
train this fall with an original
film loosely based on Abraham Biggs, a
young man who streamed his own suicide
live on the Web.