Cable-Tec Expo 2009: ADB, Entropic Announce First MoCA 1.1-Certified Set-Top


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Set-top manufacturer Advanced Digital Broadcast and home-networking silicon supplier Entropic Communications announced that ADB's 6882CDMX set-top box has become the industry's first Multimedia over Coax Alliance 1.1 certified cable set-top box.

The set-top, powered by Entropic's EN2210/EN1010 MoCA-compliant chip set, can distribute multiple streams of HD video, broadband data and other digital content throughout the home over existing coaxial cabling.

The MoCA 1.1 spec allows for higher network throughput -- up to 175 Mbps of application-layer throughput -- than the 1.0 version, which tops out at around 100 Mbps.  In addition, the 1.1 version increases the size of a home network to up to 16 MoCA devices.

"Entropic's silicon solutions combined with ADB's set-top box design and engineering expertise offer MSOs the most advanced, robust technology today for connected home entertainment applications based on the MoCA standard," Tim Schermerhorn, senior vice president and general manager of ADB's Americas cable business unit, said in a statement.

Switzerland-based ADB will be showing the MoCA 1.1 set-top at SCTE's Cable-Tec Expo this week in Denver.