Cable-Tec Expo: Arris's Next Gateway To Sling Multiscreen Video


Arris is adding more horsepower to the next rev of its Moxi Gateway, due out in mid-2012, which will let the device transcode MPEG-2 channels for viewing on tablets, PCs and other IP-based consumer electronics.

In addition, the company plans to embed an HTML5-compliant browser into the Moxi Gateway, to be able to render a Web-based user interface and other content on a TV. The browser upgrade will be available to current gateways as well as future products, according to Hans Plug, vice president of product line management.

The next gateway, the MG 6225, will include a faster processor from Broadcom that will increase its processing power by about 20%, Plug said.

The MG 6225 -- like the currently shipping 5000 series -- will continue to have six QAM video tuners and an 8-by-4 DOCSIS 3.0 data and voice modem. Arris will integrate the transcoding technology acquired from EGT into the next Moxi gateway, to dynamically transcode video into adaptive bit-rate MPEG-4 H.264 streams.

That will let users watch up to six streams of live TV on any device, over a Wi-Fi connection. "The hardware will easily be able to handle six streams at once," Plug said.

Arris also is releasing an upgraded Moxi Media Player, the MP 2100, which will increase processing power for improved video rendering. A new addition to the product line will be a "set-back box" version of the Media Player with an HDMI interface that can be attached to the back of an HDTV.

The Moxi Gateway integrates voice, video and data functions, providing linear TV, VOD, pay-per-view and IP video services across multiple screens in the home including TVs, PCs, mobile devices and tablets.

Arris recently revived Digeo's Moxi brand, officially affixing it to the names of its IP-based gateway and multiroom DVR products. 

The Moxi product line could generate sales of $25 million in the fourth quarter, Arris has said. Last month Arris chairman and CEO Bob Stanzione said on the vendor's third-quarter earnings call that he expects IP-based gateways to contribute at least 10% of 2012 revenue.

In addition to Shaw Communications and BendBroadband, Arris now has six "committed customers" that are in various stages of lab and field trials, he said. According to Plug, Shaw is deploying hundreds of Moxi gateways per day.

Arris acquired Paul Allen's Digeo in 2009 for $20 million.