Cable-Tec Expo: BendBroadband to Launch FourthWall's EBIF Platform

First FourthWall EBIF Deployment on Motorola Platform
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Oregon cable operator BendBroadband is planning to deploy the FourthWall Media EBIF platform, which will be integrated with Rovi i-Guide and Passport Guide for interactive television services.

FourthWall is a leading EBIF platform supplier for Cisco Systems set-top boxes, but BendBroadband is the first cable operator to launch the vendor's EBIF platform for Motorola set-tops.

"BendBroadband joins a growing list of operators embracing EBIF," FourthWall CEO Tim Peters said in a statement. "EBIF is the linchpin between innovation and mass deployment, and will be a bridge to future advanced interactive television services. It is an essential ingredient for today's interactive and addressable advertising and census-level audience measurement. We look forward to launching our technology platform with BendBroadband."